Offline Subscription Keys

The proxmox-offline-mirror tool can be used to manage subscription keys for air-gapped systems or systems that cannot access the public internet. To use this functionality, you need a subscription key for Proxmox Offline Mirror itself.

The offline mirror tool will take care of registering the subscription keys in the Proxmox shop. If the key is valid, it will get a signed data blob in response. The signed response can then be exported to an offline medium to transfer and set the subscription key in a Proxmox solution, without any need for an internet connection on the host itself.

Minimum Versions for Offline Activation

Offline activation of subscription keys requires support from the respective Proxmox solution. The following table shows in which version this support has been added.



Minimum Version

Proxmox VE



Proxmox Backup Server



Proxmox Mail Gateway



Setup Offline Mirror Key

First, add the pom-<keyid> mirror key using proxmox-offline-mirror key add-mirror-key <key>. This command will activate the subscription of the mirroring system.


To purchase a subscription key for Proxmox Offline Mirror, please contact <>. If you already have a Standard or Premium subscription for the majority of your Proxmox VE, Proxmox Backup Server or Proxmox Mail Gateway hosts, you may be eligible for a free Offline Mirror subscription. In that case, please email <> to get more details.

Gather Server IDs

Next, gather the server IDs of the systems that will be set up for offline keys. You can see the server ID in the subscription panel of each host, or by using the CLI with the following commands:

  • pvesubscription get for Proxmox VE

  • proxmox-backup-manager subscription get for Proxmox Backup server

  • pmgsubscription get for Proxmox Mail Gateway

Register & Refresh Keys


To be able to access and mirror a product's enterprise repository, proxmox-offline-mirror requires that both, an active product subscription key and a Proxmox Offline Mirror subscription is configured.

Register the hosts with their subscription keys and server IDs using proxmox-offline-mirror setup or proxmox-offline-mirror key add, for example:

proxmox-offline-mirror key add pve2p-12345... ABCDEF0123...

By default, this command will fetch the updated subscription information from the Proxmox subscription servers.

You can refresh the subscription information for a single (--key XX) or all configured keys using proxmox-offline-mirror key refresh.

Deploy Keys

The subscription information is transferred to a medium (see Syncing a Medium) and can then be activated on the offline system with either proxmox-offline-mirror-helper offline-key or proxmox-offline-mirror-helper setup. This process must be repeated at least once a year or before the next due date of the subscription key is reached, whichever comes first.